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Historic Solomons Island is located at the southern tip of Calvert County, in southern Maryland. Inhabited from colonial times, the island has had various incarnations: Bourne’s Island, Somerville Island and Sandy Island.

The nearby harbor off Drum Point had traditionally provided a welcome anchorage for sailing vessels up and down the Chesapeake. After the Civil War, the oyster industry exploded and Maryland became the world’s largest supplier.


Recognizing the potential of this quiet tidewater community located conveniently at the mouth of the Patuxent River, Isaac Solomon purchased a tract of eighty acres and opened a cannery. In addition to establishing a new business, the Baltimore native implemented services supplemental to the canning industry and leased land to employees. In 1870, the community, received official recognition when the United States Postal Service opened an office in the newly named ‘Solomons Island’.


During World War II, three navy bases were established at the mouth of the Patuxent River. These three facilities contributed largely to the war effort and brought hundreds of jobs to local residents. The impact of these Navy bases is still felt today, as military personnel and government contractors continue to live, work and play on the Island.


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